Dave Pearce working with Bear Grylls

Peak Aspirations is led by ex-British Commando, adventurer, Everest Summiteer Dave Pearce.


We offer rope safety, stunt coordination and creative production for film and television.

On Film and TV shoots, the safety of all the crew is a top priority. We will research and try out stunts to ensure they are safe, achievable and dramatic .Safety must always come first and Dave may rehearse many of the stunts in order to be able to brief the presenter comprehensively and to get the best possible impact out of the stunt.


"Have a passion for something out of the ordinary.

Aspire to challenges and your character and spirit will flourish."



Stunt Coordinator

Peak Aspirations offer a specialist expedition consultancy that delivers the planning, advice, leadership and support necessary for extreme filming and bespoke expeditions. With expertise operating in extreme environments, Peak Aspirations can safely take you and your team to some of the most remote areas and difficult environments the world has to offer.

We are experienced at delivering custom-designed itineraries, having done so for production companies including BBC, Channel 4, Discovery, NBC,Sky, Diverse, Radical Media, PCI Fitch, Bravo and Keo Productions. Dave works primarily with presenter Bear Grylls and he has been involved in both stunt coordination and journey production on most of Bear's televison programmes including Mission Survive, The Island, Running Wild, Man v Wild, Born Survivor and many more.



Stunt Work

Dave Pearce has worked with many film and tv production companies (BBC, Channel 4, Discovery, Sky, NBC, Diverse, Radical Media, PCI Fitch, Bravo and Keo Productions) calling on his extensive expertise to devise and test stunts.

Filming locations include most of Europe, many USA states, Antarctica, UK, Malaysia, Belize, Mexico, Nepal, China, Siberia, Greenland, Iceland, and many more.

Dave's expertise comes from 23 years as a British Commando,when he served in operations in Northern Ireland, Kosovo/Bosnia and Afghanistan, along with many other qualifications which include :

  • Establishment Counter Terrorist Officers’ Course
  • Physical trainer and member of the Register of Exercise Professionals
  • MIC (Mountain Instructor Certificate) and International Mountain Leader
  • British Canoe Union (BCU) 3-star and level 3 coach
  • Single Pitch Award Trainer and Assessor
  • First Aid trained